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IT is a critical component of modern business. At Dobson Technologies, our team of experts will help align your IT needs with your business goals. Our IT outsourcing solutions deliver a cost-effective, virtual Information Technologies department, allowing you to focus your business on what you do best. As your strategic IT partner, we’ll manage your technology while you manage your business.


Spanning over 2,500 miles, Dobson Technologies’ fiber optic network delivers faster data transmission over a broader distance, giving your business access to greater bandwidth and security. Dobson Technologies provides broadband technology and internet connectivity to businesses in rural Oklahoma, bringing them closer to their customers. Whether you are a small-to-medium sized business or a wholesale carrier, Dobson Technologies offers a wide range of services to fit all of your needs.

  • “We entrust Dobson Technologies with managing and supporting all of our IT needs so we can focus on helping make children’s wishes come true. My employees love their response time and I love having them as our strategic technology partner.”

    Jeff Summers, President & CEO, Make-a-Wish Oklahoma

  • “We have telephone equipment, telephone service and Internet service all from Dobson. The voice quality on their service is excellent, and we have a lot more options on the phone menus. Call answering is a lot easier for us than before. The people that we have dealt with at Dobson have been very good to us, and very reliable. They’ve really been good about answering our calls, and we’ve been really happy about how we’ve been treated.”

    Dr. Howard Zent, Red Earth Animal Hospital, Elk City, OK

  • "One of the things about Dobson’s fiber service is that it is very reliable. And the speed is there when we need it. We are running 20 MB right now, which has been outstanding. We ran a Gamer’s Charity event called Extra Life, where we stream for 24 hours straight and people can make donations. During that event we needed an upgrade to 100 MB for the weekend. That was awesome and we are very grateful to Dobson for that upgrade.”

    Jeff Priefert, Nine Collective, Weatherford, OK

  • "The time spent was intense and went past their normal work hours. The calls and the monitoring of our account after the fact was very comforting to us. We highly recommend Dobson Technologies for any and all of your needs."

    The grateful team of Deer Creek Dental

  • "Dobson Technologies and their well-trained staff helped our bank to achieve an efficient way to send our backup files to a remote server well away from our location."

    James Griffith, Quail Creek Bank

  • "Dobson Technologies’ data backup and recovery solution offers maximum security and most of all, peace of mind.”

    Sharon Kasper, National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum

  • "I highly recommend Dobson Technologies to any business that considers their data and client files crucial to their business and wants to keep that information secure."

    James F. Howell, Attorney At Law

  • "Since we’ve entrusted our data to Dobson Technologies, all our storage needs are handled automatically. We are now able to keep our professional focus on efficiency and delivery of quality legal services without the worry of preserving valuable litigation databases."

    Beverly McElroy, Hartzog Conger Cason & Neville

Since 1936, Dobson Technologies has remained local, family-owned and on the forefront of advanced information and communication technology.

Over the past 75 years, Dobson Technologies has been a leader in providing information and communications services to Oklahomans. Beginning in 1936 with Dobson Telephone, we have continually reinvented our products and services to remain on the forefront of advanced information and communication technology.

Though we’ve refreshed our brand over the years, Dobson’s commitment to quality remains the same. Our unique combination of experience, stability and innovation enables us to provide our customers with state-of-the-art connectivity. Today, we offer statewide information technology solutions, telecommunications services and fiber optics solutions to all Oklahoman communities.

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